Livery Inspections

Pursuant to Public Act 451 of 1994-324-44501 (PDF), a "Boat Livery" means a place of business or any location where a person rents of offers for rent any vessel other than a non-motorized raft, to the general public for non-commercial use on the waters of this state. *Raft also applies to canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, etc.

Any place of business that falls under such order of compliance is asked to contact the Marine Division to schedule the necessary inspections. Inspections are scheduled by appointment only. Please make sure all vessels and equipment are ready to be inspected at the time of the appointment.

Scheduling an Inspection

To schedule your inspection, please complete the Application for Permit to Operate a Boat Livery, PR1930 (PDF).

Please include a contact name, phone number and email on the form and indicate whether any vessels are new for inspection. Once completed, email form to the Marine Division. Appointments will be scheduled based upon the availability of our inspectors. There is a 2 fee per motorized vessel. Other fees may apply for larger vessels. Permits will be issued at the conclusion of a successful inspection.

Livery Operators of Non-Motorized Vessels

For Livery Operators of non-motorized vessels, please complete the application (PDF) and email it to Marine Division. There is no fee for the application. New or special circumstances may warrant an inspection. Once your completed application has been received and reviewed permits will be emailed to you with a copy retained in our office.

We look forward to working with you this year in our cooperative efforts to provide safe recreational boating in Berrien County.